Monday, 2 July 2012

Part load service to France explained

Removals to offer part load services to and from the Uk and France. This service is designed for client’s with smaller shipment’s and also for client’s with larger loads that are flexible on delivery dates to their chosen destination.
We consolidate several client’s shipments onto 1 vehicle, Therefore a proportion of the transportation costs are shared by each client. This is the most cost effective method of transporting your furniture to France.
Our operatives complete a fully numbered and itemised inventory upon collection, a copy of which is passed to the client for a cross reference at delivery. This ensures you receive all of your effects at your new home.
A typical example of a part load run is outlined below;
Mr. & Mrs Robinson         Paris-300 cuft- deliver-23.09.09
Mr .& Mrs Jacobs              Poitiers-500 cuft- deliver-24.09.09
Mr.& Mrs Stevens              Angouleme-450 cuft- deliver-24.09.09
Mr.& Mrs Bailey                 Biscarosse-650 cuft- deliver-25.09.09
Mr.& Mrs White                 Bordeaux-1000 cuft- deliver-26.09.09
You can see from the above example the need for flexibility on dates, We can have several shipment’s waiting in our warehouse for France, but to keep costs down we have to tie your shipment in with other client’s on route or near enough on route, and at the same time try to keep all client’s happy regarding delivery dates.
Whatever the circumstance you will never wait more than 15 working days for your effects to arrive in France due to the high volume of client’s we are relocating.
As we offer weekly departures to and from France we can often meet your preferred delivery date’s, 15 working days is the absolute worst case scenario and rarely happens.
It is essential on all removals to France that the information we have regarding access is as accurate as possible. If you have advised us your property has good access and upon arrival we cannot get within a sensible unload distance from your residence, it will not only delay your relocation but every customer due to be delivered after you will face a delay on receiving their effects.
If you do not wish to have your effects on the same vehicle as other client’s, or you have to receive your effects on a specific day, please enquire about our dedicated vehicle or part load plus service.

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