Monday, 2 July 2012

Cheap Removals to France

Removals to France.Com do not offer cheap removals to France in the sense that the service is cheap. We offer quality services at affordable prices.
Our rates for our removal or shipping services to France, remain highly competitive from a single box a part load or an entire household.
The removal vehicles we utilise hold a substantial amount of furniture, to put this in perspective the average 3 bed house has around 1500 cuft of furniture. The largest removal vehicle we utilise can carry 4200 cuft of furniture. A medium sized vehicle ( 18t ) can carry between 2200-2500 cuft of furniture.
This gives us the scope to offer part load prices, even on larger moves as long as you are flexible on delivery dates. Our rate will be calculated on the space you take on the vehicle plus the location in France you are choosing to reside in. This way every client is sharing the transportation costs.
These rates are also kept low as we have clients moving to France and from France to the UK  minimising empty running.
If we cannot meet your expected dates on our own vehicles we will obtain you a carrier at the same rate via our partner network of French removal specialists.
If you are looking for  immediate delivery from day of collection then please enquire about our dedicated removal vehicle service.
Call 0800 387 280 UK or 0044(0)1527 520 246
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